3 Powerful Techniques to Cultivate a Peaceful Mind

Ignore the uncontrollable, choose helpful interpretations, and love your fate.

Patrik Edblad
2 min readNov 4, 2022


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1. Ignore the Uncontrollable

If you focus too much on things you can’t control, you’ll feel helpless, anxious, and stressed.

So, get into the habit of separating what is outside and inside of your control, and then act accordingly:

  • If it’s outside control — let it go. Tell yourself, “I don’t care,” until you’ve developed a healthy indifference to the situation.
  • If it’s inside your control — take action! Spend the time, energy, and focus necessary to create the change you want.

Strive to focus as much as you can on what’s within your control and as little as possible on what’s not.

It will make you much more effective, calm, and happy.

2. Choose Helpful Interpretations

If you feel annoyed about something, it’s not the thing itself that disturbs you.

It’s your perception of the thing that makes you feel annoyed.

To use psychology speak, it’s not “stimulus → response,” but “stimulus → perception → response.”



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